Blockstream Capsule Seed Phrase Backup Tool

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The Blockstream Capsule is the new seed phrase backup tool. It is a great way to store your keys in the physical world – bringing together user-friendliness, robust materials, and an unassuming shape for maximum portability and stash-ability.

Physical offline seed word storage devices are a great way to protect your assets. Instead of writing your precious seed words on a piece of paper, which can be easily destroyed, use a physical device to protect yourself from disasters. We are also hoping this incentives you to get your seed words off of the Cloud. The Cloud might be the worst way to store your seed words. Clouds have been known to be compromised from bad actors within the company. Clouds are also known for having bad actors social engineering their way into your Cloud account. After snooping around for a bit, they come across your seed words and steal all of your funds. That is fun for no one.

Manufactured by Cryptosteel, our half-kilogram (1.13 lb) stainless steel capsules are shipped with 800 deeply-stamped tiles. This lets you record whatever you need in the capsule’s 123 hexademical character space – or a random ASCII strings up to 55 characters.

Simply unscrewed the capsule lid, slide the tiles in in the correct order to record your seed phrase, and seal it again in the seed phrase backup tool. Need more detailed instructions? Check out these quick-and-easy tutorial videos from Cryptosteel.

Perfectly well suited for complementing your Blockstream Jade.

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