Blockstream Ledger Nano S

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You all know and love the Ledger Nano S – imagine how much you’ll love it with Blockstream branding, reminding you to keep it low on the trust, and high on the verify.

Yet another way for you to #stacksats in safety and in style.

A perfect complement to the Blockstream Metal, for the truly self-sovereign among us. Better still, it integrates with Blockstream Green so you can get the best from the hardware and software worlds.

A hardware wallet, otherwise known as a “seed signer” or “cold storage,” actually never stores the asset on the device itself. The device stores the private keys, otherwise known as your “seed phrase.” When you wish to send funds with a wallet connected to a hardware device, you will need the device to confirm the transaction. If you do not have the device with you when trying to send the transaction, the transaction will simply fail. Think of a hardware device more as a two factor authenticator device.

What happens if you lose or break the device? Well it is a good thing that you backed your seed words onto a Blockstream Capsule or Blockstream Metal. Although the device is broken or lost, you can still access your funds by putting your seed words into a new wallet. Now, make sure that this new wallet is a legitimate wallet. That is why we recommend a free open-source wallet like the Blocsktream Green Wallet to recover your funds.

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