Blockstream Satellite Basic Kit

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NOTE: This Basic Kit is sold out. If you wish to use Blockstream Satellite, check out our Pro Kit, which is still available.

The Blockstream Satellite Basic Kit is a consumer-grade satellite receiver, ready to connect to a Bitcoin node at home.

The Blockstream Satellite Basic Kit requires a number of components to be purchased separately, see below for details.

Included with the Basic Kit:

  • Ku-band LNB
  • C-band LNB
  • CS1 scalar kit
  • USB satellite receiver
  • F-to-F flat coax cable extender
  • Adjustable LNB mounting bracket
  • Digital satellite finder
  • AC adapter
  • USB cable

Purchased separately:

  • Satellite antenna/dish: We recommend purchasing the Seflsat Flat-Panel Antenna, available on the Blockstream Store. However, any TV satellite dish with a minimum diameter of 60cm will work with the kit.
  • A computer running Linux: Most mid-range laptops from the last five years will meet the minimum specifications required to run the Blockstream Satellite software. We recommend Ubuntu for the easiest setup.
  • 1x short RG6 coaxial cable: The cable should be long enough to connect the satellite finder to the satellite antenna during antenna alignment. Normally around one meter will be sufficient.
  • 1x long RG6 coaxial cable: The cable should be long enough to reach from the satellite antenna to the satellite receiver. For example, if you are installing the satellite antenna on a roof and your receiver is held in an indoor office, you will probably need a 10-30m cable to cover the distance.

If you’re not sure which of our kits is best for your needs, see our Satellite Kit Comparison.

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