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Satellite T-Shirt

Satellite T-Shirt

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In the Sovereign Electronics world, hyperbitcoinization has occurred. The world is healing, bitcoin miners capture what would be wasted methane gas, sound money is improving livelihoods, the middle class is thriving again, and everyone runs their own Bitcoin node. When someone needs a Bitcoin product, whether a Blockstream Base Station, Jade Hardware Wallet, or a new CLN node, they can run down to their local storekeeper right around the corner and pay for their goods with their Lightning wallet.

Become a part of the Sovereign Electronics world by getting a Satellite T-Shirt. Blockstream has partnered with renowned Bitcoin artist, NoGood to create a unique series of artworks sourced from high-quality materials. More than three months in the making, the Sovereign Electronics world is now alive.


6oz 100% ultra cotton Navy T-Shirt. Printed in the United States. Each shirt is individually folded and wrapped.


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